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Since the term Lying Flat gathers much hype toward young generations, finally people got a habitat for humanity.

The word Er (二) is a catchword.  It could be either derogatory or commendatory sense.  If the word is used to criticize, it could mean vile and foolish.  If Er (二) is used to praise, it could mean outstanding and pure.  Yet no matter which sides the word represents, they are all sincere and true.

From observing the popular gestures and postures which people display or pose when taking photos, nowadays people are looking for witty, easy and playful atmosphere.  The popularity of cartoon, comics and graffiti art can be seen as an outlet of pressure and helplessness.  Carpe Diem is an attitude to life to against nonplus and uneasiness.  Sit steady and wear properly are now the way of the past.  If these works can make people smile and feel a sense of relief, then those graffiti and cartoon artist have achieved their goal.

There is no need to expect these artists to be intellectual, cultural, or patriotic.  Chinese rite and music are never established through hard labor, but instead through relaxation.  And Lying Flat right now is also the preparation for the future.

During pandemic, many people are quietly lying flat, as quiet as the new moon over old alleyway.  And Sillyman is silently expecting the recurrence of prosperity while reading his soliloquy “Let me think again.”

By Suzhen Xie


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