The goal and objective of Mountain Art and Educational Foundation are to support, publish and showcase Chinese art.  The foundation has organized and curate several exhibitions and events base on the objective.  The foundation has been devoted to China’s mainland art since 1987, from exploring the mainland artists and supporting their works to participating and promoting the development of the mainland art.  It is during the process of promoting and collecting Chinese fine arts, the foundation found the profound influence and connection of Masterpieces from the period of Great October Socialist Revolution and Soviet Socialism to the Chinese Art of the 20th century.  In the 50s, Chinese artists learnt and understood European art through those Soviet masterpieces.  During this period, the art of USSR played an important role in the development of Chinese contemporary art movement.  In 1992, after the collapse of USSR, Mountain Art and Educational Foundation introduced a group of collectors to collect works by those artists who influenced Chinese art development.

It has been more than 20 years since the foundation was established.  In the past decades, the foundation was behind over 90 publications regarding the Chinese and Russian art, including artists' albums, magazines, art critiques, monologues and essays.  It also staged more than 100 exhibitions, including solo and joint exhibitions for artists.  In the effort of promoting Chinese Art, the foundation will keep working on organizing and supporting exhibitions and activities and invite art enthusiasts to know more about the beauty of Chinese art.

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