It is around 10 years ago, I met Kang Youhe and his wife Ding Hong, and they had a son Kang Heming, which is around grade 1 or 2 at the time.  Maybe through an artist father, Kang Heming exhibits a great interest in art and a potential to be an artist.  I think I am the first collector to collect Kang Heming’s work.

Kang Youhe is famous in his lotus paintings.  And maybe because his name has a He (pronounce lotus in Chinese) he is fascinated with lotus and its details. Though out his career, his passion for painting lotus has not change.  Born after 1990, Kang Heming got in touch with animation and anime.  Most of his works has elements of them and these are the contemporary elements very different from his father’s generation.  It is these differences which create bonds and gaps between the two artists.  They learn from these differences and grow from them.  The DNA of Kang Youhe’s passion for details to the lotus has imprinted on Kang Heming, as he also chase the details in lines or great nature.

As father and son, and both as an artist, these two individuls rely on each other to grow mentally and spiritually.  People can see the opposite art forms froms which sides create a dialogue to communicate.  They care for one another and at the same time through art, they understand one another.

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