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As a local entrepreneur, Ming-che Lin started his first collection when he was studying in Eastern College in Kaohsiung.  It is a journey of 50 years of art collection which contains more than 8000 works of art. Museum curators selected 98 works, span 18th to 21th centuries, from Classical, Romanticism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Hyper Realism, Expressionism, Abstraction, Pop Art and Conceptual art, from masters around the world.  Through these 98 works, every art piece show artist’s unique view of the world.  In the world of art, people try to search for eternal freedom and romance, people try to solve the unsolvable solitary mysteries, people try to compete for the best art work, and they trying to share the joy of collecting art.  Through this exhibition, audiences are invited to across time and space, to wonder the reality and imaginary, to rediscover a place of their own.

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