Ai Dong's blurry imageries provoke the idea of fogginess.  These paintings, with characteristics of fogginess, it provides a unique pictorial language.  In these paintings, there is no definate lines.  All the edges are blended, scattered, blurred.  With different overlapping colors to convey the rich and detailed visual experiences. And the term "blur" is not just the meaning of ambiguity, it is more of esthetic.  In China, the esthetic of ambiguity can be describe in different perspective.  The earliest term of blurred art or so call Moroism came from Japan.  It is the art movement using blurred colors to replace lines.  In the recent years, Neo-Moroism, as an new Eastern art movement, has been given a new meaning.

Many know Ai Dong as a TV producer and at the sametime, a charity fundraiser, director of Sui Jianguo Art Foundation.  Ai Dong has devoted herself in charity since 2007.  It mainly help introducing art education to rural area children.  For over 10 years, she has gathered more than thousands of volunteers to enter the rural area, and provide them over five thousands of art educational classes. 

The identity as an artist is always hidden from the public.  Ai Dong's recent works choose ambiguity as a way to express herself.  German master Gerhard Richter use "blur" as his main subject overturn people's basic view of the painting.  In a way, ambiguity is not conservative view of art, it break the boundry of form and technique.  In the current art scene, Moroism overrun with Zombism, yet Ai Dong's work diverts and given new form of Moroism.  With unique art language, new sensual emotion, given the audiences new meaning of art.  And that is the starting point and value of this exhibition.

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